Proven Tools Equal Proven Profits


=> Attention Monkey: They're called notification bars, attention bars and even click magnets. And now this app gives you the ability to create notification bars with just a few clicks of your mouse and overlay them top of your own site or even other peoples’ sites! Check it out here: http://attentionmonkey.com.

=> Catcha Monkey: Seal up your traffic leaks and build a bigger list starting today by creating an exit-traffic capture system. No coding or geek skills required. Find out more at http://catchamonkey.com.

=> Countdown Monkey: This app makes it super-easy for you to boost conversions by adding visual scarcity (a countdown timer) to your squeeze pages, sales pages and more. Check it out here: http://countdownmonkey.com.

=> Landing Page Monkey: Create stunning, high-converting lead pages and sales pages with just a click of your mouse – no coding required! You can even embed background videos to create a thoroughly modern landing page. Check out the demos at http://landingpagemonkey.com.

=> Popup Monkey: Now you too can create lightbox popups that can handle anything, including graphics, videos, opt-in forms and more. Just log into your dashboard, click your mouse a few times, and voila – a beautiful, high converting popup! Check out this awesome app here: http://popupmonkey.com.

=> Social Share Monkey: Need to kick start a viral campaign in a big way? Here’s an app that unlocks a free gift to your visitors once they’ve shared your content on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+. Works like crazy to start a viral fire! Learn more at http://socialsharemonkey.com.

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